The Barn Kitchen & Bar


We are proud to locally source and support our farmers whenever possible. We work in close collaboration with Marty’s Local, R&G Cheese Makers, Maplebrook Farm, Red Shirt Farm, Cricket Creek Farm, Maine Family Farms, Kitchen Garden Farm, Mighty Food Farm, and Misty Knoll Farms.


Local Oysters 3 ea GF, D
cocktail sauce, mignonette, lemon

Shrimp Cocktail 4 ea GF, D
cocktail sauce, lemon

Locally Sourced Cheeses
select three 17 | select five 22
add two charcuterie and cornichons 6

crostini, seasonal jam, candied nuts

Warm Noodles 11 D, V
sesame, local vegetables, fresh herbs

Maple Brook Burrata and Tomatoes 13
parmesan crisp, balsamic, bread tuile

Clam Chowder 8 GF, D
fennel, potatoes, bacon

Roasted Corn Bisque 9
chili oil, cornbread croutons

Field Greens 9 GF, D, V, Ve
fennel, radish, lemon vinaigrette

Caesar 10
gem romaine, evoo croutons, parmesan

Salad Additions
grilled chicken breast 6
grilled shrimp 9
marinated steak tips 12


Wild Mushroom Toast 12
local ricotta, sourdough, marsala

Cornmeal Crusted Calamari 14 GF
cherry peppers, cornichons, pimentón aioli

Steamed Maine Mussels and Fries 15 GF
coconut, lime leaves, scallions

Grass Fed Beef Meatballs 13
maple brook farm ricotta, stewed tomatoes, basil, focaccia


Roasted Cauliflower 16 GF, V
cricket creek feta, calabrian chilies, wild rice, herbs

Georges Bank Diver Scallops 33 GF
creamed corn, confit tomato, garlic kale

The Barn Burger 16
bacon, lettuce, tomato, vermont cheddar, brioche bun

Duck Confit Noodles 25
greens, mushrooms, onion broth

Giannone’s Crispy Skin Chicken 24
stone-ground polenta, garlic kale, mustard jus

All-Natural Double Cut Pork Chop 27 GF
saffron vegetables, carrot brown butter


8oz Center Cut Filet Mignon 32 GF, D
8oz Wagyu Sirloin Bavette 28 GF, D
14oz Prime NY Strip 40 GF, D

All steaks come with an arugula salad tossed in lemon vinaigrette and a choice of red wine demi or herb peppercorn sauce, and finished with sea salt.


parmesan fries with truffle aioli 6
roasted fingerling potatoes 8 GF
blistered tomatoes and herbs tossed in sherry vinaigrette 7 GF, V
greylock bourbon sweet potatoes 6 GF
roasted wild mushrooms 9 GF
garlic kale 6 GF, V

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, and poultry may cause foodborne illness and may be hazardous to your health. Please inform your server if you have any allergies.

G – Gluten Free | D – Dairy Free | V – Vegetarian | Ve – Vegan